3.7 Configuration

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The configuration file is the main control file for DaySim. The configuration file informs DaySim about inputs/outputs and various model settings. These settings include input/output file names, types and locations, sample rates, DaySim pathbuilding weights, and also allow users to specify which DaySim model components should be executed. A detailed description of the setting used in the NERPM-AB model is provided in section 4.3.

Seed Shadow Price

Shadow prices are constants that are added to individual microzones during the simulation of work and school location choice models. This is done to result in a good match between the following:

  • Work locations of workers and employment
  • School locations of students and enrollment

In DaySim, the long-term models (work and school location choice) are run ten times while updating shadow prices for all microzones during every iteration to create a seed shadow price file to be used as input to the full model run. The intent is to make sure that there is a good match between the number of job available in a microzones and the number of workers choosing the microzones as their usual work location. The same applies for students and school locations.

When the user updates the employment and/or school enrollment data, the Shadow Price step should be rerun.