4.1 Master Model Directory

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The master model directory is called “NERPMABv2.1”. All files related to the model can be found within this directory. The following sub-directories are particularly important:

  • Applications – This folder contains all the Cube Voyager scripts and applications
  • Doc – Documents related to the model are here
  • Input_SWM – All inputs related to the State Wide Model (SWM) are inside this folder. Recall that a sub-area is extracted from SWM to derive port freight trips.
  • Output_SWM – this folder contains the outputs from the sub-area extraction process.
  • Parameters – a set of inputs files including the input highway network can be found in this folder.
  • Master - This folder contains the model runs including inputs for DaySim and all model outputs. Each model scenario is housed in a sub-folder in the Master folder.
  • R-3.4.4 - This folder contains the R application that can be used for calibrating and validating DaySim outputs.
  • User.prg – this folder contains other user programs that are not a part of the Cube framework. Currently R scripts that are used to create calibration targets for demand model from NHTS live here. In addition, there are also utilities that are used to create various inputs for DaySim activity-based model. These include the DaySim Data Tools - a set of tools used to create input for DaySim. Another tool in this folder is PopulationSim, under the Population Synthesis sub-folder. This tool is used to generate synthetic population for the model.