4.4 DaySim-Cube Linkage

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Cube Voyager scripts produce highway and transit skims in matrix (.MAT) format. The skims are converted to ASCII text files and are input to DaySim, which simulates person trips and outputs them into .tsv list format (_tour.tsv, _trip.tsv etc.). In addition, DaySim also writes out a simple trip list “Tdm_trip_list.csv” in \Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\DaySim. This file just has origin TAZ, destination TAZ, mode, departure time, arrival time, trip duration, purpose, and VOT category. This trip list is transformed into time-of-day, mode, and purpose specific highway and transit matrices for assignment. The matrices are created under the directory\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\DaySim – VEHTRIPS_AM.MAT, VEHTRIPS_MD.MAT, VEHTRIPS_PM.MAT, VEHTRIPS_EV.MAT, and TRANSITTAB_A10.MAT.