4.6 Network Assignment

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Assignment Inputs

Highway Assignment

The demand matrices from DaySim, Jacksonville port freight, and EE and IEEI vehicle and trucks are combined to create the final assignment matrices by time period in \Master\ {SCENARIO_DIR}\output:

  • HWYTTAB_AM_{alt}{year}.MAT
  • HWYTTAB_MD_{alt}{year}.MAT
  • HWYTTAB_PM_{alt}{year}.MAT
  • HWYTTAB_NT_{alt}{year}.MAT

The location of the unloaded network on which assignment is performed is \Master\ {SCENARIO_DIR}\output\UNLOADED.NET. Most of the other inputs required such as turn penalties and speed capacity tables are located in \Master\parameters\ and \Master\ {SCENARIO_DIR}\input\ directories.

Transit Assignment

‘Transit Network ’ application creates the peak and off-peak networks for assignment and stores them as \Master{SCENARIO_DIR}\output\TransitPK.NET and \Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\output\TransitOP.NET respectively. The transit trip table from DaySim is \Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\DaySim\TRANSITTAB_{alt}{Year}.MAT. Assignment is done using Cube’s PUBLIC TRANSPORT program.

Assignment Outputs

Highway Assignment

Highway assignment primarily produces three output:

  • Loaded highway network containing assigned volumes by time period (\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\output\LOADED_CombinedPeriods.NET)
  • Skim network for creating skims for next iteration (\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\{Scenario_ShortName}_SkimNet.NET)
  • Highway validation file (\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\HighValidation.dbf)

Transit Assignment

The assignment is performed twice, once producing reports on nontransit legs (\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\output\TLOADNTPK_{alt}{year}.DBF and TLOADNTOP_{alt}{year}.DBF) and another time producing transit volumes on links (\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\output\TLINKPK_{alt}{year}.DBF and TLINKOK_{alt}{year}.DBF).