4.7 Post Processing

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Highway Assignment Report

All the highway validation reports can be found in \Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\HTML_Report.

Transit Assignment Report

Transit assignment summary report is written to \Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\tasum_{alt}{year}.prn and the more detailed route and stop level summary is written to \Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\tasroute_{alt}{year}.prn.

DaySim Reports

An established R process is used to automatically execute the summary R scripts and populate the DaySim summary spreadsheets. This process is executed at the end of the model system run. All these files can all be found in “\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\DaySim\Reporting\R_Summary” folder of the scenario directory. The summary script is called “main.R” and can be found in \User.prg\DaySim_Summaries\. The Daysim reports include spreadsheets summarizing the following:

  • Usual work location
  • Usual school location
  • Vehicle availability
  • Day Pattern
  • Escort tour destination
  • Personal business tour destination
  • Shop tour destination
  • Meal tour destination
  • Social / recreational tour destination
  • Work-based tour destination
  • Tour mode
  • Tour time-of-day
  • Trip destination
  • Trip mode
  • Trip time-of-day

The user should also ensure that “R_PATH” key in the catalog is set correctly before running the model. For example, if R 2.15.2 is installed on the system R_PATH should be set to “C:\Program Files\R\R-2.15.2\bin\x64\R.exe”. It is recommended that the 64-bit version of R executable be used since it can then use all the memory available on the system. Otherwise, R is restricted to using a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. The R script run produces a log file called “DSValidationLog.txt” in the same directory that could be looked at to detect any errors encountered during the run.

The DaySim summaries are also output in “\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\DaySim\Reporting\R_Summary” folder of the scenario directory. All the summaries are *.xlsm spreadsheets that are macro-enabled which updates the calculations and graphs in them automatically each time they are opened. The summaries range from work place distance distribution to tour/trip generation rates to modal shares.

Prior to the running of R summary script, all the spreadsheet templates are copied over to “\Master\{SCENARIO_DIR}\Output\DaySim\Reporting\R_Summary” in the scenario directory from “\User.prg\DaySim_Summaries\output” in the catalog directory. The copy step is executed at the beginning of a model run in the “Prepare DaySim” PILOT step. These help in the validation of DaySim outputs. The summary R script uses files from NHTS that have been processed in the same format as DaySim output files. The processed NHTS files for Florida that include the add-on survey can be found in “User.prg\DaySim_Summaries\NHTS”.