5.1 DaySim Input Preparation - Running DaySim Data Tools

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DaySim Data Tools are a set of three tools that are run sequentially to prepare input data for DaySim. 3.4 Land Use Data Prep shows the inputs and outputs required for these tools. The video tutorial shows how to run the tools.

DaySim Data Tools executables

The following image shows the 3 executable files for the 3 tools. There are settings files associated with each of these tools. In most cases, the user does not need to change the settings files for the NetPrep and DTALite tool. However, the user should update the settings for DaySim Buffer Tool before running it. The buffer tools user interface is show in the next image.


Run DaySim Buffer Tools

The important fields to notice in the interface are the input and output file fields. These file names should be updated accordingly when preparing inputs for a particular scenario. For example, if the user were to prepare inputs for CF2045 scenario, then the input and output file names be changed to 2045 instead of 2015.