6.2 Existing Scenarios

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In Cube a scenario defines a value for each key in the catalog. NERPM-AB come with 3 predefined scenarios, Base2015, INT2030 and CF2045. These 3 scenarios can be used as-is to get results for these standard years. If a different scenario needs to be tested, then a new scenario should be created as detailed in section 6.3. If this new scenario involves changes to the roadway network then the steps in Create a Master Network Alternative to create an alternative should be followed. If the new scenario includes changes to demographic (population or employment) inputs then the steps in section 5.1.2 can be used to edit the parcel file and produce updated DaySim inputs. Finally, if the scenario is for a new year other than 2015, 2030, or 2045 then a new network alternative will need to be created (Create a Master Network Alternative) along with new DaySim inputs (section 5.1.2 Generate default files)